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Opera Mini for PC is available for Windows 7/8 Download

Opera Mini is one of the oldest web browsers available for PC and mobile phones since years. It may not be the number one web browser among PC users but it is number one web browser among mobile phone users. Opera Mini is the miniature version of web browser which is developed for mobile phones and smartphones. If you want to use the same browser on your PC then you can do that by following our guide here on how to get Opera Mini for PC free download.

Opera Mini for PC is available for Windows 7/8/XP now and you can easily get that by following the simple guide mentioned down here. Although this isn’t the official version for PC but still you can do that in a genuine and professional way by the help of a genuine software named, BlueStacks.

Why Opera Mini for PC?

As I already mentioned in starting that there is a PC version of Opera web browser available for free which you can use on your Windows PC but there are certain benefits of using the Opera Mini on PC. I’m going to mention those features down here.

The Opera Mini is developed for the mobile phones. So it consumes lesser bandwidth that clearly means that if you use the same browser on your PC then you’re easily going to save tons of data. In case if you’re on a limited data pack then you can easily control the data usage by using this mini version of Opera web browser on your PC.

Opera Mini provides all the features which are provided by a PC version of any web browser. It saves your data, login information, password, history, cookies, cache and other data which are required by a web browser and user.

Opera Mini isn’t available for PC yet but it still works well Windows PC. You can use all of its features easily on your PC. It is one of the best and fastest web browsers available for majority of mobile phones and smartphones. In case if your mobile phone supports GPRS or EDGE connectivity and supports JAVA platform then Opera Mini is available for your mobile phone.

You can easily save your favorite web pages in this web browser which you can read later or you can put it in the bookmark manager. The Opera Mini also got a download manager which is responsible for managing whatever you’re downloading from the web on your PC or on your mobile phone.

Download Opera Mini for PC for Windows 7/8

The Opera Mini also supports multi tab web browsing. This means that you can open many new tabs and can access more than one websites at a time.

In order to download Opera Mini for PC you need to follow simple steps mentioned down here,

  1. Download and install BlueStacks app player from here
  2. Use the search tool of BlueStacks to find Opera Mini web browser.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

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